“People say sports are all about the mental game, but why stop there?” -Kristen Ulmer

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Known for offering a faster alternative to problem solving than therapy or meditation, Kristen Ulmer founded Ski to Live:  Powerful mindset-only Ski Camps based at Alta, Utah. She also works with individuals in person or over the phone, or groups of 50 or less. Lately she has also been offering key note speeches to any size audience on topics of your choice. Her specialties are Fear, Anxiety and embracing Change. 

If you desire to get unstuck, stay unstuck, and access what wants to happen next in your life quickly and with ease, consider hiring Kristen to work with you individually or with your group. 

With a 12 year background in Zen and movement based psychological work, as a former world class professional skier and renowned extreme athlete, Kristen combines all her experiences and shares them in events geared toward helping you become more awake. She will help you see your unconscious habitual patterns which no longer serve you. She will help you break free from where you are stuck. This work offers very powerful, immediate and lasting results.

“You will always get what you least expect.” -Kristen













“I start with mind set, and move far, far beyond into the nature of your personal brilliance and innate wisdom.” explains Kristen.

Her specialties include:

  • Helping uncover where you may be stuck
  • Learning in your body, not just your mind
  • Intersecting ancient wisdom with business, sports and your personal life
  • Addressing your specific needs by working with individuals or intimate groups of 50 or less
  • Key note speeches on a range of topics including Fear, Anxiety and Change

“These experiences are like fresh air in a smog filled world.” –Steve Brook

Come see why… and go beyond any barriers you have… go beyond belief.