Almost Crashed My Bike

Yesterday while riding my bike at 50+ mph down Little Cottonwood Canyon’s 8 degree grade, a slow moving car shockingly pulled out 100 feet in front of me from the left side into the right lane, taking up the entire road.

A stab of Fear hit my heart and I jammed my brakes hard. Road bikes have soft brakes meant for gradual stops only, thus the back end of my bike started fishtailing violently. I thought I was going down so stopped braking and instead shot a hopeful gap to the left into the oncoming traffic lane around a blind curve, and somehow survived.

My brother asked if I looked at the driver while passing and I told him “are you nuts?” My eyes were lasers beams on the road ahead.

The one thing I love about Fear is if you have a caring, considerate relationship with it, in times like these it’s such a bad-aas friend. It makes you sharp, fast and certain. Not nervous, frozen or unsure.

Your relationship with Fear is the most important relationship of you life. Have an amazing, conscious relationship with this misunderstood emotion and…

…not only will it make you a better athlete, but also will also help you sleep better, improve your relationships, severely reduce anxiety and stress, and greatly boost your self esteem.

Choices to work with me re. Fear are:
*a really cool 3 hour Freedom from Fear Camp on Oct. 1 in New York City
*a super fun and intelligent Alta, Utah 2 or 4 day ski camp in 2016
*treat yourself: work with me privately

About kristenulmer

Kristen Ulmer is a Master Facilitator who helps people access and get unstuck from unconscious patterns that no longer work. Her specialty is Fear related issues.