For Skiers who feel too much fear

If you love skiing but feel too much fear while on the mountain, here are the three most common mistakes you’re making out there: 1. The first is: you loathe feeling fear. The secret to skiers who seem to ‘have no fear’ is, they feel fear too (without it, skiing would be boring!), but they […]

What 3 new things

I love to learn new things, and commit to at least 3 on my plate at all times. For example, right now I’m taking bridge lessons, and it’s freaking HARD. After 40 hours of lessons I still haven’t played a game yet or even know how to score. Second, I auditioned to be in a […]

Why I love fall

Fall is here. Brrr. Should we feel sad for anyone who doesn’t ski or snowboard- because fall  for them probably just means cold, snot, and eventually slipping on driveway ice. Bah. Nope, because at least for me, my favorite part of fall is actually not upcoming ski season. It’s coziness. Its “I’m a barnacle at […]

Do you like drama?

I’m a storyteller. And the best stories -like in the movies- involve drama. The question I face today is: can I create my stories -the ones that make up my life- and not have them include drama? This is an important question because I’ve always loved the drama behind my stories. Riding my bike alone […]

Life is awful, and amazing

It’s been months since I wrote a newsletter! Here’s why: My life has been both amazing, and awful. The awful? My 82 mother was abused by a dentist and there’s a lawsuit. My stalker was at it again, and is now arrested, being held without bail. The amazing? After a 13-month obsession I finished my […]

I didn’t want to do it

I had to give a 1-hour speech recently to 1000 people. Though I’ve given many speeches, I still felt considerable anxiety. This time my undercurrent was, “I don’t want to do this.” Until I remembered, hello? I facilitate people on anxiety. Taking my own advice, counter intuitively, I closed my eyes and went all the […]

Is it Big Enough for You?

People keep asking me if I’m going to Burning Man this year. I find this to be a silly question. Of course I’m going. I leave in 4 days. My husband and I bring a big art project every year. This year it’s a steel, 55 foot long, exact replica of a female empire scorpion […]

New York City Freedom From Fear camp October 1, 2015

I’m offering a 3 hour camp in NYC on Oct 1 from 2-5pm, titled “Freedom for Fear and Anxiety.” —-“A life altering experience.” -Karyn Dulaney Curious about your relationship with Fear? Think you could do better? Want to explore the real reason behind too much Fear or Anxiety? Stop just treating the symptoms. Meditation, yoga, […]

Almost Crashed My Bike

Yesterday while riding my bike at 50+ mph down Little Cottonwood Canyon’s 8 degree grade, a slow moving car shockingly pulled out 100 feet in front of me from the left side into the right lane, taking up the entire road. A stab of Fear hit my heart and I jammed my brakes hard. Road […]