Waking Up Cranky

I woke up this morning feeling cranky and lost. Which is odd, because I’m in the Caribbean on a kiteboarding trip with great friends and can hear and see the ocean from my room. I could also hear a barking dog all night, which might have something to do with the crankiness. The question arose […]

Tripping Into Potholes

In Bali upon entering a majestic Temple there’s a deep pothole. Locals like to sit and watch tourists entering the grounds because so many of them trip into the pothole. It’s pure entertainment. The Americans, apparently, are the worst. They always trip. The locals believe, because Americans are so in their heads, we’ve lost all […]

Ask Yourself the Bigger Questions

Why am I here? Do I feel alive? How is skiing my teacher? It’s easy to forget big questions like this. They get eclipsed by endless little questions- what should I eat, how deep is the snow? A penny will indeed hide the moon if you hold it close enough to your eye. Makes me […]

My Dark Past

During my ski career, I had both a love affair and a war going on with fear. This post is about that war. I repressed fear daily in order to ski the way I wanted. I was great at it. Actually, I considered myself better at repressing fear, than even the skiing. Problem is: once […]

Oooh that feeling you get…

Remember that great feeling you have when skiing (or for you non skiers, whatever you love to do)? That’s what you pay thousands of dollars to experience from your ski vacation. But…have you ever felt this way apart from skiing? If yes, then ask yourself: does this feeling come from the skiing itself (which is […]

The best mindset tip for skiers, ever

People ask me all the time; what’s the most important mental practice you can do, to become a kick ass skier? Is it visualization? Nope? Is it positive thinking?  Nope. In my opinion, based on working with thousands of skiers and seeing dramatic results, it’s addressing repressed emotions.  Now don’t fret, it’s not hard if […]

A ridiculous and funny image

I’m in NYC for two days. Last night I saw this kids bike locked by a short, thick chain to a bike rack. For some reason it struck me as hilarious, like- with no parks nearby, does the kid ride it to school? To work? Does he lock his stuffed animals up to the curb […]

Do Big Flaming Scorpions Scare You?

My husband and I leave for Burning Man tomorrow. It’ll be my 12th year in a row. We’re bringing at 55 foot long steel Scorpion art car with 20 hydraulic points and 7-gun computer controlled flame thrower. This year we updated the flames to be so shocking, we expect people to fall off their bikes when they spike. This […]

Damn Cat

Free Freedom from fear camp, I now realize, is great for anything except fear of snakes. We’re now on snake 4 in the house in a mere two weeks (damn cat), and I’m not getting any less scared.BUT I am enjoying running around the house screaming like a lunatic.

Snake Loose in The House

How ironic. I’m running my first, long overdo Fear Camp July 19-20 In Salt Lake, and my cat brought in a 3 foot long green snake into the house yesterday. Do I have a morbid fear of snakes? No, didn’t think so. But when I saw the creature aggressively slithering down my carpeted upstairs hallway, […]