Do you like drama?

I’m a storyteller.

And the best stories -like in the movies- involve drama.

The question I face today is: can I create my stories -the ones that make up my life- and not have them include drama?

This is an important question because I’ve always loved the drama behind my stories. Riding my bike alone across India! Throwing my first flip on skis! But at some point drama is no longer healthy. Like with some movies, at some point if there’s too much drama the movie gets really dull- like please…when is this S%$# going to be over? There’s where I am.

Why is this an issue, now? You may remember from my recent post, I have a stalker who was just arrested, and is being held without bail.

I used to love dramatic things like this. A stalker! Held without bail! But I truly don’t anymore.

I mean, do I really need to keep drama like this in my life- to have my life be interesting? Is that a movie worth watching?

I’m thinking no. In fact, I’d have walked out by now, demanding my money back.

Anyone who tells you people don’t change, haven’t themselves changed.

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Kristen Ulmer is a Master Facilitator who helps people access and get unstuck from unconscious patterns that no longer work. Her specialty is Fear related issues.