For Skiers who feel too much fear

If you love skiing but feel too much fear while on the mountain, here are the three most common mistakes you’re making out there:

1. The first is: you loathe feeling fear. The secret to skiers who seem to ‘have no fear’ is, they feel fear too (without it, skiing would be boring!), but they enjoy fear and even dance with it out there. This is what you should be going for.

2. The second mistake is: your long-time habitual thinking. If you’ve been invested in fighting or avoiding fear for a long time (decades?), you’ll argue vehemently in favor of that war. ‘Enjoy fear? No way. It’s been my enemy forever!’ You may even be addicted to the drama of that war.

3. The third reason you will continue to have too much fear while skiing is: if you don’t have a plan in place on how to forge a more healthy, less volatile relationship with it, there will be no action, and you will unconsciously repeat the same patterns over and over.

If you would like some assistance and a certain, easy path to enjoying fear on the mountain, one that will permanently affect your future in this sport, consider coming to ​Ski to Live this winter. If you do, too much fear will be a distant memory by the end of the weekend and your skiing will dramatically move to a new level with little effort.

And that’s just a small part of all that we explore in this stunning, fun, filled with laughter, mindset-only ski camp. Here’s what people had to say about the camp:

“This ain’t no band aid, this is the real deal.” –M. Tanks

“My (ski) partner, said at the end that I had a glow about me. My heart and brain were in sync and in touch like I can’t remember when.” –V. Johnson

About kristenulmer

Kristen Ulmer is a Master Facilitator who helps people access and get unstuck from unconscious patterns that no longer work. Her specialty is Fear related issues.