Life is awful, and amazing

It’s been months since I wrote a newsletter! Here’s why:

My life has been both amazing, and awful.

The awful? My 82 mother was abused by a dentist and there’s a lawsuit. My stalker was at it again, and is now arrested, being held without bail.

The amazing? After a 13-month obsession I finished my book- to be published in 2017. Two weeks of heli skiing in Alaska. A 21st reunion for a ski movie company called Teton Gravity Research where I got to ski and film with the best skiers in the world- current and past. Talk about an ego trip.

Kind of staggering isn’t it? In all our lives- how high the highs are, how low the lows are. Often on the same day.

I continue to be fascinated by the contrast. Night makes day more interesting. Fear makes calm more lovely. And as weird as it sounds, doesn’t the awful ultimately become our greatest opportunity to come alive and build more confidence and strength? Without it, we stay the same.

My only job for these months has been to allow room in my life for both. It’s been epic. As always.


Live in the Bay area or plan to visit?

I’ll be teaching at the weekend long, very exciting Awakening Human Consciousness Through Sports event with Michael Murphy and Ken Wilber in Marin County June 10-12. My subject will be “How Do Extreme Athletes Handle Fear and What Can You Learn From It?”

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Kristen Ulmer is a Master Facilitator who helps people access and get unstuck from unconscious patterns that no longer work. Her specialty is Fear related issues.