Note: these are not in order based on importance- so be sure to scroll down!

Video clip of Kristen’s skiing from the old days: One of the 22 movies she was featured in, back in the 90’s and 00’s.

15 minute talk at Life is Beautiful festival in Vegas, about fear: Kristen tells her personal story too.

90 minute interview with Kristen about flow states: Re. Stealing Fire- the book, it’s a download.

Kristen Ulmer is a Bitch and she knows it: reprint of feature article about me back in the day, in Powder magazine.

Yahoo Travel article about top ski camps: Ski to Live listed as “absolutely must visit” ski camp.

Radio Interview with Dale Stewart about Fear: Making friends with fear is the most important work you can do.

Ski Magazine article about ski camps: Sure any camps can help you improve technically, but what about mental skills?

Visit Salt Lake article about Kristen teaching about fear and skiing: Never, ever say to yourself “I need to overcome fear.” Here’s why…

Quoted by friend Richard Branson in his blog: His take on my statement “It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun.”

United Hemispheres Mag: Article: Best Way to Get Fear to Shut up for a Moment: Kristen Ulmer’s Ski to Live camp

NPR interview: About Kristen’s ski career, her repression of fear and it’s consequences, and the transition she made to being a mindset sports coach.

Amazing professional blog post: On fear as the Mind-Killer. A camper and professional blogger writes about her recent experience at Ski to Live.

Outside Magazine latest article about Ski to Live: Jan 2013- under the heading: 7 Spirit Recharging Escapes

45 Minute Podcast about Ski to Live: Listen Now

Ski Journal: Four page feature about Kristen’s Ski Career, how she left the ski industry suddenly and what she’s doing now (the camps and private events). 2012/13 season issue

Experience L!fe (sic) magazine: two pages on Ski to Live being a Milestone Adventure. Nov 2012 issue

The Wall Street Journal: Full Page article about Kristen and Ski to Live- March 2, 2012: Called Mind Over Mountain

MORE Magazine March 2012 -8 page feature article about Kristen and Ski to Live titled Zen and the art of Downhill Maintenance

National Geographic Adventure one paragraph write up about Kristen and Ski to Live. No link available.

Ski Magazine 2010/2011 season, 12 page feature article about Ski to Live.

Salt Lake Tribune about Ski to Live at Alta. This is the 5th article (6th?) they’ve featured on Kristen’s work.

Ski Magazine article about Kristen working with Julia Mancuso just before the Olympics

CondeNast Traveller article about Ski to Live

Park City Magazine fantastic article to know more about Ski to Live

The New York Timesmostly about the yoga side of Ski to Live

Deseret News – About Kristen and Ski to Live

City Weekly- About Kristen and Ski to Live

Wasatch Journal– one of the best profiles ever done on Kristen- click on PDF to view
The evolution of a ski guru


Explorers Journal– fantastic article about Kristen’s work in general
Contributing editor James M. Clash sits down with Kristen Ulmer to discuss her about-face in life

Forbes– international article about Kristen’s past, adapted from an unrelated interview and spliced together
Kristen Ulmer, once named one of the skiers most likely to die, drops into a new role

Forbes TV interview below- great interview:

Outside Magazine Article calling Kristen The Ski Guru about STL
Dream Jobs

Another Outside magazine article About Ski to Live and Kristen from a reporter who loved her camp
Ski Emotionally Naked

Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah: Ad about Kristen’s work with Cancer Survivors

First Tracks!! GREAT articleabout STL
Kristen Ulmer’s Ski to Live Program Returns to Utah

Globe Life:
Learn how life guru and ski coach Kristen Ulmer can expand your mind while improving your skiing

USA Today: Great articles and enthusiasm from the Countries Favorite Newspaper
Think Success, and Hang In There

Healing power, Personal growth in Adventure Sports

Skiing Around Cancer

Ski Diva Blog: fantastic read
Chat with Kristen Ulmer

Salt Lake Tribune: One of their many about Kristen
Kristen Ulmer had this nagging feeling of being unfulfilled, even though she had done just about everything there was to do with skiing…then she discovered Big Mind…