Private Experiences

Kristen can help you solo or your group explore a particular conflict, question, situation or just your life in general. Her specialty is fear, anxiety and getting you unstuck from any pattern that has been in your life for far too long.

You pick the journey, she’ll provide the guidance. The only question is: How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

Explorations in relationships, business, conflict, inability to make a decision, sports, sleep problems, anxiety, fear, injury, illness and more. Kristen intersects the wisdom found in the ancient traditions with a fascinating game called Shift, guiding you to an embodied learning which includes but goes far beyond cognitive learning. An experience with her is very powerful, fun and is always geared toward your personality, background, goals and interests.


Her preference is to work with individuals, or groups of 50 or less. While known for her ski camps and work with athletes, non-sport experiences are 95% of her business. For individuals: Telephone sessions  or in person (Utah) sessions available. For individuals or groups: She will fly to you anywhere in the world when schedules align. She has even done an event in Antarctica!

Call 801-733-5003 or email for more info.