Ski to Live: A Mindset-Only Ski Camp at Alta, Utah unlike anything you’ve ever experienced

At Ski to Live, skiing becomes the medium by which you expand your athleticism, mind and life.

It’s awareness meets skiing meets laughter.

The people who attend are smart, accomplished, powerful and focused on living a quality life. Maybe you’re one of them?


What can Ski to Live offer you?

Traditionally it’s taken 20 years of therapy, meditation, technical instruction or more to mentally arrive somewhere you like. Why so long? Because these are ancient maps. Remember the days of Rand McNally in the glove box or asking service stations for directions? 

Gone gone gone. Today, there are fantastic, easy-to-use new maps and guides available. Think GPS, Google Earth. In todays world, there’s simply no need to struggle so much, or remain in confusion, anxiety and frustration about anything.  You can arrive to your destination and it should be a clear and simple journey. 

That’s what you’ll find at Ski to Live. What I’ve created in this camp is a modern, sophisticated, easy-to-navigate new map to get you where you want to go, quickly, with ease. You’ll get more out of this weekend ski camp than you would 20 years with a ski instructor! 

Come to Ski to Live if your destination includes:

-improving your skiing though mindset training- sports are 90% mental, after all
-curiosity about what really goes on in your unconscious mind
-quieting your monkey mind
-creating a unique and invigorating relationship with change, fear or self doubt
-enhancing the freedom and enjoyment found in skiing
-taking this freedom home with you and having it influence the rest of your life

Ski to Live is for skiers and telemarkers, intermediate to pro ability levels, men and women, ages 15 and up, who want to experience who they are as athletes and as human beings, in a powerful, life affecting, super fun weekend camp.


Ski to Live offers two camp options. Both offer an experience with Kristen’s Game of 10,000 Voices and the camaraderie of amazing, like-minded people. In either camp you will receive personalized attention on and off slope, to help you identify and break free of any places where you’re stuck. You will experience how easy it is to get unstuck. You will receive guidance to take you into whatever unique flow state you desire, which best serve your goals in skiing and in life.

Each camp is powerful, filled with laughter and will affect the way you not only experience skiing, but just about everything.

The 2 day Alta, Utah camp costs $590 and runs on the mountain only from 10-4 each day
The 4 day Alta, Utah camp costs $1550, plus amenity costs. Here’s a sample itinerary:

Thursday: 4:30-7:30pm Important first gathering. Snacks provided. Dinner together afterwards

Friday, Saturday and Sunday:
8:00am group breakfast
9:15am-10:30 ski in like groups with guides
10:30-3:00 ski all together with Kristen where she will utilize her Game of 10,000 voices. All abilities ride the lifts together but you ski with your guide on terrain suitable for your ability. Break for lunch at some point (not included)
3:00pm-4:30 more skiing with Kristen optional, or take time to decompress
4:30pm-6:00 evening sessions with snacks provided: more exploration, Q and A.
6:30-8:30 Dinner together

Go beyond belief this year! Prepare to have your mind blown open to new possibilities. In skiing, and your life.

“It’s been a few weeks since (the camp), I can’t believe the difference it has made. The decision process I have used since the camp has been remarkable. I’m also no longer feeling anxiety or stress around decisions. I am truly a changed man. I have you to thank for that.” -KB

Note: private camps also available world wide.

Any private Alaska Camp is all inclusive, Write Kristen for details.

More details can be found here.

Please view Frequently Asked Questions or review Testimonials for more detailed information.