These are never requested, they are derived from emails received after working with Kristen:

“(Ski to Live) was, bar none, head and shoulders above the rest, the most powerful teaching and skiing experience I have had in my 39 years of skiing.” -Randy Wall, professional ski instructor


“This ain’t no band aid, this is the real deal.” -Melani Tanks


“I am living with color, light and dark, and texture I never noticed until I did this work.” -Jacquetta Wier


“You have continually helped me to be a better person in many, many ways” -Matt Barnhart


“Best days on skis I’ve ever had, and top three best days ever. Thank you. Forever. Lighter Load.” -Jacquetta Wier


“It was so powerful for me. What you’re doing at these camps is truly amazing. That you’re able to bring so many people together from all walks of life and unify them in purpose and connect them on a real level is impressive.” -Czar Johnson


“Thanks again for offering me a life altering experience. A day hasn’t gone by since I was in Utah that I don’t think about the camp. -Karyn Dulaney


“People don’t understand that this is a legitimate path to health and freedom. (Working with Kristen) saved my life.” -Jacquetta Wier


Sent 9 years after attending her camp: “I reflected on my life trajectory while on the trail this summer…I need to say that I think where you’ve taken skiing is ground-breaking and inspiring.” -Kristy Johnsson


“Thanks for a great camp. I didn’t feel especially stuck when I started, but I feel much more optimistic now, seeing a way forward.” -Rob R.


“I treasure so much your acceptance of me for who I am. Thank you. THAT gives me a lot of strength. When I return next year I will be further along on my journey – I can’t wait to see where that is!” –Rob R.


“Paul sent (us) a text last night with a picture of his blood pressure reading. His blood pressure has been EXTREMELY high for the past 18+ months, most likely due to the stress of work, etc. Last night his blood pressure was 114/77.  He sent a picture of it with the text ‘The numbers speak for themselves.’ Don’t stop what you are doing in life.” -Cary S.


“Clearly you have a gift that you should continue sharing with others!” –Cary S.


“You find what you need when you need it, but you also have to say yes to it when it’s offered.” -Jacquetta Wier


“It’s been quite a year for me for a lot of reasons. I just landed an absolute dream job. I couldn’t be more psyched. And, for sure, the reason why it all happened was because of what I learned at your camp. Not only has it vastly improved my skiing, but it’s also greatly enhanced my life.” -Mariel Wilner


“The guidance you gave me on the chairlift has changed everything for me. I am really happy with where (my life) is going, and you helped me through (an awkward hold back).” -Amanda Miller


“The last few runs Sunday my tired sore legs started performing for me better than they have in many many years. My skiing improved, my attitude improved dramatically, I felt very strong physically and mentally. That last run there were tears of joy and elation, like when I finished my first marathon race in San Francisco. My (ski) partner, said at the end that I had a glow about me. My heart and brain were in sync and in touch like I can’t remember when.

Again, thank you from my heart.” -Verlin Johnson


“(My Friend) tells me that I seem somehow happier than before. And on Wednesday it was the first time skiing since the last camp, and I was amazed. I was all alone … and skiing more gracefully than ever. I was making turns without doing anything I could detect to make them happen.” -Barry Moniak


“I attend conferences and leadership trainings all the time. I have to say that you are one the best facilitators I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Your passion and enthusiasm for what you teach is infectious and one can’t help but walk away completely jazzed about improving their relationship with the mind. I know you had that affect on me. Thank you!”- Czar Johnson


“I haven’t been able to stop talking about your camp. Everyone I’ve talked with over the past few days has had to listen to me gush about the camp and the impact it had on me.” -Czar Johnson


“I’m still awestruck by the weekend.” -Elizabeth Watson


“I just wanted to say that my experience at your camp has been life changing.” -Amanda Miller


“My partner and I went to the camp together and it enhanced our understanding of each other as well as our relationship – our love is flowing stronger than ever!” -Teresa Ruminski


“I just wanted to reach out and thank you for creating such impactful experiences for both my parents. I can’t tell you how amazing it’s been to watch them go through your camps and find new purpose and direction in life. My dad in particular has been in some dark places over the years. He’s recently expressed to me that because of your camp he’s finally able to like himself again. Something I wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to accomplish.” -C. Johnson


“I’ve attended Ski to Live twice. (It) has awakened me! I feel alive on the mountain and every day.” -Teresa Ruminski


“I’m skiing better than I ever have before and having more fun on the mountain. Ski to Live heightens your consciousness. Period. It summed up 3 years of mindfulness practice for me, and at the same time, went way, way beyond.” -Ben Rosset


“Bob and I left Utah Monday morning, retracing the steps we took to get to Alta.. Same sights, but a shift in perspective.  Thank you.  All adventures should leave us so changed.” -Kim Apali Bessolo

“It was amazing. You helped me re-think my approach to skiing and to my life. It was a powerful experience for me, and so much of what we discussed still resonates with me today.” –Susan S. 

“My take-away from the camp is standing on the rocky spine of the mountain and feeling such power and confidence.” -Karen Powelson


“Thank you again for a wonderful experience last weekend. I’m still attempting to sort through it all and truly appreciate all it offered me.” -Mariel Wilner


“As I stood at the top of the mountain, thinking about skiing, thinking about resistance vs. reaching, it suddenly hit me: without the resistance, I really can be anything I want to be, really can enjoy whatever life I want to create for myself. And then I went and had a really incredible run.” -Mariel Wilner


“The first thing that was different was that I followed my intuition instead of my head. I was in a place that I had not been to before. Crossing rocks (without flinching), going over the spine (without fear). This is definitely something I would not normally have done. I didn’t mind the fear. It was there, I felt it, but it didn’t make me freeze or tremble. And I had the most glorious 50 turns of my life. Effortless, blissful.” -Karen Powelson

“The camp was a tremendous experience. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to join you and such a great group. Best skiing of my life. Thank you Kristen, truly.” -Matthew O’Connell

“My skiing had totally changed. I kept hearing your words … after this, you won’t ever need another ski lesson … and it’s so true. It was the most confident I’ve ever felt on skis, and most certainly the most fun I’ve ever had on skis because of the way I felt inside.” -Barry Moniac

“Wow. Just wow. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I’d emerge from this past weekend as I have. Wow. And never did I think that I would come out of this weekend with 25 new best friends. And yes, the skiing today felt different and wonderful. I feel like I have received a special present from you.” -Cynthia Aherne

“Oh, my God. It was incredible. Three days, literally zero actual advice about skiing, and my skiing is probably 40% better, and it was seriously the best weekend of my entire life.” – Nicole Cliffe

“Life since STL has been supercharged. STL was the spark. Thank you, truly”. -Matthew O’Connell


“These 70 something skiers are not only skiing better but far more importantly living better. You’ve proved you can teach much more than new tricks to old dogs.” -Carolyn and Frank Troxell


“A few days after the Ski to Live camp at Alta, I hardly recognized the guy standing on my skis. My body language, the way I was facing the fall line and the experiential sensation inside me was new and exciting. I was skiing more aggressively, yet so much more relaxed and enjoyably. I was actually aiming for terrain I usually would have avoided.

The weird thing was that I didn’t recall Kristen or any of her coaches giving us direction or correction on the way we were physically skiing. I’ve been a PSIA certified ski instructor for 13 years, and have attended upwards of 30 all day ski, designed to improve my skiing and teaching ability.

At the ski to live camp, the focus was instead on mindset, and it wasn’t until this day that I realized how much changing my mindset affected the way I ski.” -Barry Moniak


“I have gotten so many valuable lessons this weekend, I’m still on the high. ‘Member drugs? This is better!” -Noabeth Bruckenthal


“Thinking back to a meaningful weekend in early February, it truly has been life changing. It’s been fun to see how long the “effects” have lasted.” -Rob Roach


“Thank you for your leadership, wit, wisdom, passion, and growing friendship. You have such a unique way of presenting the information in a digestible way.” -David Young


“I am feeling great! Thanks for such a transformative time– I really do feel like I have a road map for the next fifty years!” -Robin Boyar


“I “got” sooo much from my time with you… I am in a far better place now than I was before I left for your camp… I honestly feel enlightened and renewed – I have PATIENCE again?!?! The class/group time was AMAZING!” -Connie Bloom


“I have had the best two weeks since returning from Ski to Live! Thank you again, for the support and encouragement, and allowing the feelings to be what they were. This was a truly powerful weekend for me and a much-needed “boost”. I have been using the “shift” on a daily basis. It is so very helpful as I become more aware of what I am feeling/thinking/doing. I am anxious to explore this more.” -Cindy Dinsmore


“The weekend following camp, I skied with my husband. Honestly, he was blown away by the way I skied. He was so proud of me. I physically skied like a different person and if he didn’t know what color my coat was, he said he would not have been able to pick me out on the hill. I skied how and where I wanted. That felt powerful. I skied runs that I haven’t attempted in over 2 years. I skied them all well. It was one of the best ski days I have had in 14 years. I know already I feel more confident about tackling the runs — Picking up speed is not a bad thing!” -Valerie Fluetsch


“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the sessions. Jenny and I spent a lot of time on the drive home discussing how the experience affected, changed or strengthened us and our relationship. It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed participating in a very dynamic group environment. It is always interesting and moving to start out with one perspective or opinion and then feel it dissolve and or morph as people in the group open up and evolve. Just about everyone I had time to interact with surprised me at some point. I also surprised myself a few times.” -Todd Harps


Your coaches were outstanding, a great blend of technical prowess, spiritual awareness and all characters in their own right. I really appreciate the instruction, care and support they gave.

If every human being occasionally took (this) journey, things might settle down a bit out there. I’m sure we will be back. -Todd Harps


‘It was different and better than what I expected it to be. At the end of any retreat I’ve been to — people mentally pack up well before leaving. Not in your/our case — every one was there!  And to say it was moving for me was an understatement.”- Al Black


“And the skiing!  There were a few moments in every day where I could feel it again; it made my heart soar.”- Al Black


“One of the things that I expected from the camp was that it would stoke some of the fires of the athlete in me, or at least give me a way to hear (past) the mundane.  To say its been useful is an understatement, and so simple.”  -Al Black


“It’s hard to put into words how much I got out of the weekend; I suspect you hear that frequently, though only because it’s true. It has given me a general peace of mind I didn’t have before. I enjoyed so much being with a group of people who were looking for a way to relate to skiing, life, and each other in a very comfortable, relaxed way, without a lot of the usual BS.” -Rob Roach


“This was a great experience for me, truly “life changing”, and I wanted you to know. You do a great job, thank you. I look forward to next year!” -Rob Roach


“The real value is to show an athlete, I mean anyone participating in sport and physical training, how easily they can shift into various voices or perspectives while training or competing and, most importantly, to demonstrate they have a choice in choosing what voice they will bring to their awareness while training or competing. The next question is, “well, if you can chose which perspective to use in training or performance what about exercising this same choice in other parts your life, your work or relationships.” -David Meggyesy (former NFL player)


“Still coming down off the smile from the STL clinic – thank you so much for an amazing and powerful couple of days. It was a ball learning, skiing and laughing with you.” -Josh Gelman


“So I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciated your workshop. I have “rippled” out to Annie and my good future-psychologist friend Myles, whose analytical mind absolutely ate it up. 😉 I learned so much about myself–or my selves–and even more importantly, loved myself so much better than I ever have. Leaving Jackson, I felt like this formerly insurmountable weight had been lifted off of my chest. I’ve never felt more at peace.” -Kate Mulhern


“Thank you thank you thank you for everything. I never would have imagined how amazing the whole trip could have been. Thank you!” -Kate Mulhern


“This is the first time that I feel genuinely excited and eager about what the future has in store for me. And I have you to thank for that. The sessions on the mountain really helped me put things into perspective and rethink where I was headed.” -Xavier Zaim


“As I was doing yoga this morning it occurred to me (again) how helpful ski to live and our subsequent calls together were in pushing me off the plateau (some would call it stuck..edness…) I was on. To be back on the path of learning and growth is a joy, and damn it feels…..nice.” -Phil Holbert – sent 3 years after his camp


“I second the rousing round of thank yous with my own deep gratitude and amazement for such a terrific, transformative weekend. I could never have imagined all that unfolded and I’m hugely thankful to Kristin, Larry, Stacy, and Brian for guiding us into Big Mind and across Alta’s beautiful slopes, and to the rest of the group for being so open and wise. Thank you! -Katie Arnold


“I’ve done a lot of personal growth work, but (this) is so accessible for all learning types. I had several personal “ah has” I am grateful for greater insight and personal awareness.” -Manoj Jalan


“I can’t say enough about the experience. I’ve spent a fair amount of the day raving about it to friends and family.” -KB


“People have asked me what I thought about the camp. My answer is, “I’m a changed man.” I know that this will provide benefits to me for the rest of my life. It definitely improved my skiing. More importantly, it gave me life skills I never had. I can honestly say this camp was a pivotal moment in my life.” -KB


“I’m glad I found you. I can’t thank you enough.” -KB


“I arrived hoping for some transference from in-congruent emotions. Tears wrung their way out between laughter down the mountain. I felt high and big and wide and open. I’ve been home now a few days, flat-landed and over-responsible. If I listen well, the messages delivered encourage me to remain open to the expansiveness. I’ve not had a teacher like this before; never let it in that far and I wish not to squander the understanding.” -Deirdre Childs


“I came to better my skiing, I am gong back with a whole lot more including being a better skier! ” -Kalpesh Jhaveri


“A year ago I truly hated this sport and swore I would never grace the slopes again. I emerge on the other side grateful for (my) injury.” -Miriam Aiazzi


“I am a person who likes to read and research but some things must be experienced. It’s like the difference between reading a recipe and tasting the food. What (Ski to Live) offers absolutely must be experienced and I can think of no better “classroom” for exploring one’s big mind, big heart and place in the universe than the spectacularly beautiful mountains in Utah. I also can’t imagine a better guide for the journey than Kristen. STL is fascinating, intense and really fun.” -Lisa Reifsnyder


“Dear David, (letter to a friend)

I just completed my first “Ski to Live” clinic, and I am so indebted to you for bringing it to my attention, for introducing Kristen Ulmer into my life, and also for so strongly encouraging me to participate in it. It was truly an amazing journey.

My skiing did improve, using many of her “voices” to do the task. Her teachings were really quite profound, and the fact that we could turn it into actively skiing made all the difference to me.

This did shift many things in my life, and I only just completed the clinic a few days ago. Of course she remembered you, and thanked you for passing the word on to me. And so you were in my thoughts during these last few days, as I only briefly met you at Alta. But you passed the magic on.” -Lisa Hahn


“Kristen Ulmer created a safe place to go deeper than anyone had offered before, to explore the mind, body and spiritual connection in relation to a key element: skiing.” -Abby Landmeier


“It was an extraordinary experience. The combination of applying consciousness perspective and technique to skiing itself was truly excellent. Of course the person doing the teaching is the key and Kristen manifests what she teaches.” -David Meggyesy


“I want to say that your clinic…Well it moved me. It has opened a lotta flow and I’m going a lotta places maybe I didn’t dream I could before.” -Beth Ricciardi


“It’s been a few weeks since (Ski to Live), I can’t believe the difference it has made. The decision process I have used since the camp has been remarkable. It allows me to approach life situations with a much more open mind, thus creating more fluid and successful outcomes. I’m no longer feeling anxiety or stress around decisions.” -KB


“I came to Ski to Live for some help getting unstuck- I thought in my skiing.  I learned through you that the work to become unstuck in my skiing are in fact tools to get unstuck in life.  What will bring me more in life will also bring more to my skiing. This did not go as planned!  It went better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  -Philip Holbert


“It would be tough to deny that I had a very soulful and rich experience this past week. From the group bonding, to your guidance, to the epic snow…it was a weekend to remember. I wanted to push my own limits in a direction that I hadn’t tested before, and although I was a bit unsure as to what this workshop would entail, I never felt threatened, and always remained open. I just went with it. And it felt right.” -Dave Young


“I was in the process of deciding what to do in my career-leave my current firm, or stay put. Fear being the most prevalent of the emotions blocking my ability to choose, I decided to look through a new pair of glasses called ski to live, (and subsequent phone conversations with you) to uncover what was preventing me from thinking my situation through and coming up with a decision. Two or so years later I am at my new firm, convinced that my decision- but more importantly the process to make that decision- were something done well and I am proud of.


I am more satisfied with you understanding the impact your work had on me- and what it can mean for others.” -Phil Holbert


“Today at work the immediate feedback that I received was that I looked less stressed and that I was smiling with my entire being. Wow! Thank you so much for everything. I am so very grateful. What a glorious gift.” -Barbara Yates


“Your camp totally changed my wife’s skiing. (She’s) skiing now with such confidence, not abandon, but awareness and lack of personal judgment.” -Tom Jungst


“It was a really amazing, life-changing experience–as well as some truly awesome skiing.” -Allen St John


“I cannot stop thinking about our great ski weekend. I feel like I stepped out of my life for three days, then returned home with a greater depth of understanding of myself. It was as though I was looking from the outside in.” –Cathy Richie


“Kristen, In a weekend, I learned to synthesize hours of therapy and weeks of reading into something I could use in my life. On top of it all, I met some wonderful people and enjoyed the fresh air and the views. I now feel like I am more in touch with myself and that the conversations I need to have first are within me. I can sail my own ship with confidence now. Two days later, I’m running and doing yoga, and actually being an athlete again. I lost that in my divorce and the sadness that followed. I feel more powerful already!” –Kris Goodfellow


“Hi Kristen. Your Ski To Live experience was incredible for me. I’ve shared it (verbally) with a fascinating cross-section of people and gotten nothing but wildly positive responses… Clearly you provided me a resonant, powerful, beautiful approach to life and I will be working to convey that with my words in the weeks and months and years to come. Trust that I’ll be in touch again soon. Have a great experience this weekend and, most of all, THANK YOU!” -Greg Hamilton


“Thank you hughly for all that you gave to us and everybody in that clinic. It was just absolutely amazing. It’s not only a once in a lifetime experience but just from a teaching perspective some of the things you did were just really astonishing.” -George Hart


“I wanted to thank you for changing my life. I don’t think I realized how much of an impact Ski to Live had on me until recently and it’s been a year since I attended. I knew it had an impact right after, but as time has gone on, there have been more and more lessons that pop up into my head that I never initially considered. I love that!” -Amy Epp


“It is shocking to think that a couple of decades of religion and a couple years of therapy – each helpful for various reasons – hadn’t yet accomplished what (Ski To Live) effected in three days.” -Tom Epting


“I just wanted to let you know that attending Ski to Live was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done. Thank you so much for having the inspiration to create STL and the courage to make it happen.” -Melanie Tollemache


“You know it’s a special experience when you have an amazing time with complete strangers. A time that is both uproariously funny, profane, irreverent and also deeply insightful, thought-provoking and life altering in the best sense of the word. I will always be grateful to (Ski To Live) for that.” -Scott DeKuyper


“All I have to say is WOW! What an amazing experience!! Kristen, Thank YOU for being so wonderful to have the vision and foresight to put a program like this together. You are truly making an impact to the population one by one. I am already starting to think about next season and would like to attend another clinic.” -Christy Wilson


“The skiing part of STL re-opened to me the FUN in skiing. I’ve been jumping, and fallin’ down and laughing almost every day on boards since the workshop. I also feel that Big Mind was the 25 carat diamond in the box of Cracker-Jacks. I was hoping for something good, but had no expectation of that good.” -Chris Kline


“The STL clinic was a holistic experience. I was surrounded by a group of gracious people hand-in-hand with life philosophies which I believe in, and in a setting and a sport which represents life to me. And the thing that works about (Bid Mind) is that it isn’t affiliated with a specific religion, so it’s non-threatening.” -Vena Margo


“Oh my, what a weekend that was! It was and continues to be all you promised, Kristen, and more. The tribe we formed is by far one of the most powerful groups I have ever encountered.” -Bill McGinnis


“A great combination of challenge to the physical, mental and spiritual components of life, and it was fantastic to have it based in skiing. Kristen really got me focused on the present. I can’t remember ever feeling as limber, open and in the now as my three days with them.” -Dan Reiner


“I think what you’re doing is amazing.  It’s part of this “New Earth” revolution that “I”, and in turn everything, seems to be going through.  I’m not sure if I could’ve gotten the lessons that I did if it wasn’t related to skiing.  For sure it would’ve taken me A LOT longer and perhaps had not quite the same impact. What a fantastic way to teach people that love to ski about how the universe works.  Or rather, how it works for me.  I feel like you’re part of an amazing revolution.” -Amy Epp


“I came to ski. I left enlightened. I have done many ski stories, this was the first that left me feeling enriched, not hedonistically pampered, by the sport.” -Dave Arnold, article in The Boston Globe about the camp


“I got some mind blowing insights, not just on my motivations around skiing, but my motivations for just about anything. I had fun because Kristen put together a program that attracted very diverse, but fascinating and accomplished individuals that were themselves inspirational.” -Kathy Epley


“For me, Ski to Live is my reality, because skiing is our lives, but it’s not just self-indulgent or hedonistic, rather it takes us to a place of clarity, joy and insight about our place in the world. This type of program has to be led by someone who also really believes this, and I would recommend it to friends because the leadership, particularly with Kristen, was outstanding.” -Gregg and Sheridan Davis


“I am on this amazing turbo charged growth path – I am blooming faster and faster, at a wonderfully rapidly unfolding pace- there are truly no words to describe this. Ski to Live is one of the three BIGGEST events in my life that have helped me really turn a HUGE corner. I am deeply grateful!! Thank YOU!” -Martha Hamilton


“Your Ski to Live Clinic was one of the best things I ever did. Whenever I get in a situation on skis where I begin to doubt my abilities, I always go back to my experiences there I realized that I don’t need to be so hard on myself.” -Kim Fredericks


“I couldn’t really tell much about STL from the outside, but it looked “different” and different was what I was looking for. The frankly radical mix you’ve created in STL appeals to individuals who have, in one way or another, already begun a search—for greater meaning. This was certainly true in my case. Ski to Live was a tangible step that I could take in response to a growing sense that I needed to do something different with my life. And now, last month, with love and gratitude to you, I cashed in a twenty-plus-year career to begin the process of exploring.” -Jeff Fink


“When I first heard about (STL) I thought (Kristen was) a crazy cliff launcher who’s trying to cash in on her fame by hosting some foo-foo Zen-ski clinic. That judgement was soooo wrong. Kristen, you invited me to do things differently, I started to open up, (another STLer wrote that she started blooming), to see different options than the same-old-thing. I realize that I am content with how I ski. As a ski instructor, this is a sin. A vicious circle had been broken. But, you, and what you do, have helped me reconnect with the mountains, spirituality, skiing, people, my job, myself and “it.” My wheel is unstuck. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.” -Patrick Fagan


Private Session Quotes


“There is in nothing in my history to prepare me for the experiences I have with this work. I think this defies metrics. Everything in my long ago education says it should not work but it damn well does work. Beautifully.” -Jacquetta Wier

“I’ve gotten more out of (3) phone consults than a year of therapy..” -Sara Davidson

“Every time I (work) with you, you take me farther out of my habitual self. I could not have made it through such an intense transitional year without your teachings. I do not believe the words thank you are powerful enough.” -Cynthia Aherne


“I was excited about attending a workshop, but didn’t really expect a life changing encounter. I’m so glad fate brought Kristen my way. My life is forever changed, and I’m eternally great full.” -Kyle Harmer


“I felt so bad, and I know I will again, but the perspective on that is, well, so completely changed… I am alive and with a fully operational heart and mind and body.” -Jacquetta Wier


“Kristen, I am amazed and I never use the word. THANK YOU. This rocks Kristen, you have hit it.” -Jacquetta Wier


“I came away with so many interesting thoughts about life and emotions and openness.
First step – recognition. Next step – finding my own means of expressing this in a healthy way. Thank you for inspiring us all. You have helped more than you will ever know.” -Adrienne LaBlanc


“Kristen’s coaching was awesome, honest, refreshing. She really tied the spiritual concepts together with skiing. The whole experience was life-changing. I feel that something switched for me and I was shown a new way to see the world and myself.” -Alyson Dutch


“It has been very hard to explain what happened to others. One ends up abridging the experience and trying to explain it in a way that others might understand, but that has always meant not conveying the full extent of what I experienced and learned”. -Craig Rutzel


“I’m sure there’s more that will come to light from last weekend as time passes. I feel the cool thing about my journey is that I’ll progress for awhile and then get stuck on something, search and search, and eventually the answer comes.  The difference now is that I will let the answers come to me, rather than fighting and hunting.” -Amy Epp


“I was blown away. I hadn’t expected the group to respond so deeply and thoroughly as they did. The spiritual portion was kind of a surprise- that steals the show. That’s much of the beauty of (this work).” – Bob Hiemstra


“What a time we all had. The skiing was great, but the experience was outstanding. None of us will ever be the same.” -Allen L Piper


“I had to share with you one of the best racing moments I have had. Saturday I kicked some boy bootie big time. Not only did I win my class but I beat the fastest guy in the club. It was amazing. I earned my stripes. I can’t wait to discuss this with you. (This part of me was) definitely dominant. It hit a cord when you said this was a strong motivator for you. I did not realize it and certainly never thought it was ok to feel this way. I know our time together has already begun to profoundly change my life. There is much work for me to do but I look forward to every moment.” -Mary Anne Melnick


“Thanks Kristen for a truly original, wonderful, productive, awe inspiring, soul searching, healthy and magical day! I’m left with a whole lot to think about and to feel about, and a whole lot of skiing left inside me!” –Ursula Hermacinski


“The connection with you and the ah-ha moments I have in your sessions are huge for me.  You inspire trust and really connect with (us) in a big, very real way.  Thank you.  Thank you!” -Kathleen Toth


“Kristen’s got what it takes, that’s for sure. She was very attentive and caring.  Over the course of a day, she can get involved with (many) people on a very personal level, which is very important so everyone can come away with a “Big Mind” experience. She’s has a lot of Love in her and that’s what really makes the experience work.” –Jim Saxton


“I feel I have been exposed to elements within myself that I was unaware of; that there is more to me than I previously knew existed.” -William Stahley


“Kristen is more real, alive and brilliant than most people I have met in my life.  Thanks for letting me peak into this world.  I loved it!” -Seanie Newey


“”It has been too long, but I want to thank you. About one year ago, you helped me get over a significant hurdle. My life has changed dramatically since we last spoke. You changed my way of thinking. Also, I shared your approach with three friends and we all benefited. The new direction is incredible. Thank you!” -Bill P.


“These sessions are like 2 hours of fresh air in a smog filled world.”  -Steve Brook


“Your work with me was a tremendous help.  Embracing and then going beyond fear was essential for me.  It ultimately enabled me to make significant changes in my life.” -Maryanne Mecca


“Through our conversation I realized that fear was there for a reason. To ignore it I would have left myself open to pain and suffering indefinitely. I ended up taking fear seriously and changed my career and jumped full on into a new relationship. Thank you thank you thank you.”  -Maryanne Mecca




I feel very fortunate that I was mentally ready for this camp – it made a big difference in what I got out of it.

It changed my perception and appreciation of skiing.
Sooo great to have skied my first black diamond runs @ STL!
Working with you is very effective. I feel different with each passing day and enjoy the process taboot!
I loved being there with my partner and highly recommend the camp for couples.
The people who attended the camp and the openness they had with each other.
Kristen’s intense personal involvement in the experience.
Love the Zen stories, concepts, the pause on ordinary life. I enjoy your stories.
Hugely better -understanding of self.
Camaraderie, openess of the group to new experiences, respect of others.
Personal growth, close relationships with other “campers”, self examination, learning a new way to view the world, continuing on my path, working toward the next “turn”
I wanted it to be longer!
Exploring emotions in a ski setting. It was a unique experience and an excellent way for me to become friends with certain emotions in a more comfortable setting.