Why I love fall

Fall is here. Brrr. Should we feel sad for anyone who doesn’t ski or snowboard- because fall  for them probably just means cold, snot, and eventually slipping on driveway ice. Bah.

Nope, because at least for me, my favorite part of fall is actually not upcoming ski season. It’s coziness. Its “I’m a barnacle at bed time because my husband is warm and my toes need him.” It’s the cats preferring to be indoors curled in my lap, as opposed to their other favorite hobbies: murder and chasing dogs.

Oh and hot chocolate. Which tastes even better once it starts to snow.

Skiing’s great too. But I can’t get ready for that ‘til I get this cat off my lap. And shhh, he’s asleep.

About kristenulmer

Kristen Ulmer is a Master Facilitator who helps people access and get unstuck from unconscious patterns that no longer work. Her specialty is Fear related issues.